The Kenyan nightlife and entertainment scene are perhaps the most versatile and accommodative on the continent!

It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert who would rather curl up with a book and a warm cup of Joe (Hopefully no one has traveled all those miles just to stay shacked up with a book while the rest of us party) or an outgoing personality ready to take on the raging night, the mother of versatility has you covered.

To save you time on where and what to do when you find yourself filled with energy on a weekday in the middle of a Kenyan city, here’s our guide on the best and hottest night spots aka clubs in Kenya based on the mood, atmosphere, and patronage!

The Alchemist.

This Paulo Coelho title namesake lives up to its name, with a most transformative experience, it is perhaps the middle ground for both introverts and extroverts. With a dynamic range of events being hosted every day of the week and covering all the bases from Open mic night to house music to underground hip-hop events.

The alchemist is located in The Nairobi Westland’s area along parklands road on your way to the city center in a serene and conducive environment. It even boasts of a recording studio and pop up markets where you’re bound to find bohemian themed items, etc.

They describe the place as a creative hub on their website, a canvas for creatives to go crazy on!

Klub House (K1)

If you are into the roots and reggae and a little bit of culture, this is the place to be on a Thursday night.

The reggae night experience is perhaps the most immersive with guest performers from time to time and an in-house DJ, it’s both recommended by locals and foreigners alike.

K1 Klub House is located in Parklands, Ojijo road on Chiromo Lane and it is always a good joint to let loose and have a decent drink. Its counterpart K2, still as good, is right on the edge of the CBD making for an easy commute.

Brew Bistro

Its conveniently located at Piedmont Plaza, 671 Ngong Road making it easily accessible from the city center and it is perhaps the crème of the crème spots in Nairobi.

Brew Bistro is famed for its master brewers who go all the way to deliver a full-bodied beverage to pair with your wholesome Kenyan experience and the exquisite restaurant that serves caters local and international dishes. With an outdoor terrace and lounge, it’s the perfect place for a sundowner and drinks with friends.

On average there’s usually a live performance or a world-class DJ ready present to entertain you.

Watch out for happy hour offers between 5 pm and 7 pm to get discounted prices.

Moonshine Beach Bar – Mombasa

The first thing you notice is the hilarious cocktail menu, which could be the only reason why Moonshine is on this list.

Yet again, another venue lives up to its name, be prepared to get properly wasted as it’s tempting to try all the cocktails just to confirm no one left a child unattended with the cocktail menu blackboard.

The staff is friendly, and the service is speedy for the seemingly slow life of Mombasa. Overlooking a beachfront, sundowners and relaxing evenings are not far from your reach! Its located at Reef Hotel, Mt Kenya Road, Mombasa


The pavement, located in Westview Centre near Westland’s roundabout, Ring Rd, Nairobi is a modern clubbing experience that is worthy of mention.

From the lively youths on the dancefloor to the fairly priced drinks and ambient environment, it’s the go-to place for anyone seeking a lively night out filled with adventure and socializing! Its frequented by both locals and foreigners.

The dancefloor is on its bottom level, and its two bars offer a wide variety of drinks for the ravers.

The Gypsy

Aptly named after its greatest frequenters, the gypsy is a modern take on the traveler’s experience.

Its located in Woodvale Grove in Westland’s where the majority of people are expatriates.

If you’re into a lively music and good company this is precisely the place to be.


If you are in Nairobi and you want to enjoy a good Afro-beat session, Mercury is the place to be on Friday and Saturday. With a casual and cozy atmosphere, good food and reasonably priced drinks, you won’t want to leave, let alone go back home.

Its located at ABC Place, off Waiyaki Way, Nairobi.

Black Diamond Bar and grill.

Picture yourself on a balcony overlooking the lush suburbs of Nairobi, a cocktail in hand and your friends in the distant background asking you to dance while their music drowns out anything other than the impeccably good vibes.

Black diamond offers a mixture of both ambiance and activity, perfect for a chilled night out that can lead to something more.

Black diamond is along Mpaka Road, Westlands.

Honorable Mentions

  • Jockey Pub(Hilton Hotel, Nairobi CBD)
  • PSYS Bar and Restaurant(T-Mall along Langata Road)
  • Hidden Agenda (Sarit Center Parklands Road)

Oh, in Kenya any hangout spot is called a club, do not expect a dance-hall like a discotheque – most of these clubs are more like lounges.

Pictures and more places are coming.

Know a place worth mentioning, let us know in the comment section below.

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