The Comprehensive Travel Guide and Everything you need to visit Zimbabwe

From the rising smoke of the Majestic Mosi ‘a’ thunya, which is the Venda translation for the smoke that thunders to the breadth of the Limpopo, Zimbabwe is the ideal tourist destination to visit. The country is endowed with gifts of fauna and flora mostly available in the Hwange National Park which is home to all the big five – the lion, cheetah, elephant, Rhinoceros, and the Cape buffalo.If you are thinking of visiting Zimbabwe for your next vacation, Safari camp or holiday retreat, here is a comprehensive travel guide on the country to help you get started.

Quick facts on the country

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country located in the tropical Sahara in the Southern Hemisphere, on the continent of Africa. The country borders South Africa to the South, Zambia to the North and Botswana and Mozambique to the west and east respectively.This small landlocked country has a population totaling only 16 million, with 20% of the population located in the Harare Metropolitan Province which, home to the nation’s capital city of Harare.

Zimbabwe, the famous Attractions

To the Northern Side of Zimbabwe, between the country’s border with Mozambique, you will find the Longest River in Southern Africa, which is also the fourth longest in Africa, Zambezi. If you follow along this river going south, you will come across one of the seven wonders of the Natural World, the Majestic Victoria Falls.The original name of the falls was Mosi ‘a’ Thunya; it was named the Victoria Falls after the discovery by the explorer, Sir David Livingstone. After seeing and being mesmerized by the sight of the falls, Dr. David Livingstone said, “It had never been seen before by European eyes, but scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.”What you need to know before visiting Zimbabwe

Safety and Security

Zimbabwe is one of the most peaceful countries on earth, with one of the lowest records in terms of the crime rate. The famous tourist destination, namely Masvingo, Victoria Falls, Hwange, and Inyanga, are secure with no incidents having been recorded in those cities.

Entry Requirements

Zimbabwe has some of the most relaxed entry requirements in Africa, especially for tourists. Tourism is a major part of the Zimbabwean economy, contributing almost 30% to the country’s GDP, thus the relaxed entry requirements.If you are visiting the country from another African Country where you are a Citizen, you will be free to enter the country without applying for a Visa. For people from other countries, particularly those from Europe and the Americas, you will be granted a Visa at the border, Airports, or any other port of entry upon arrival. You will be required to pay a visa application fee, which currently is $55 for multiple entries.

Weather and Climate

In 2018, Zimbabwe was ranked first in the world for having the best climate. Any season is great if you intend to visit the country but if you want to have a fully enjoyable experience, consider visiting the country in either spring or early summer, which in the Southern Hemisphere happens, from Late July to Early October. Natural Disasters sometimes occur in the form of Floods, but there are not destructive and nothing to be worried about.

Attractions to Visit in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is endowed with a lot of majestic attraction, which is ideal if you love to enjoy and bond with nature. Here are the top six attractions in Zimbabwe.

  1. The Victoria Falls

    – The Victoria Falls, located in the town with the same name, is one of the top attractions in the world, which is listed among the seven wonders of the Natural World. It’s an attraction worth visiting.


Scenic Hunting, Rainforest Viewing, Bungee Jumping, and Boat Cruising.

  1. Hwange National Park

    – If you fancy a Safari trip in one of Africa’s largest game reserves, then the Hwange National Park will give you a great experience. The Park is home to the White Elephant, the Black and White Rhinoceros, the Lions, and the Pangolin, one of Africa’s rarest animals.


Game Drives, Safari Camps, Animal Viewing, and Trophy Hunting.

  1. The Great Zimbabwe Ruins

    – This ancient city in Masvingo is an incomprehensible piece of Art. The main attractions in the city are the stonewalls and the conical tower. These structures have stood for six centuries as of today despite the fact they were built without any mortar. The builders were simply laying one stone on top of the other.


Safari Camping in the Kyle National Park Close By, Guided Tours of the Ruins, and Boat Cruising.

  1. The Eastern Highlands

    – In the Eastern Highlands, you will find a footbridge elevated almost 220m above the ground connected to two mountain cliffs. This area has some of the most breathtaking views, as it is located in a region that supports the growth of dense vegetation. Mount Nyangani, the country’s Largest Mountain, is also found in this area.


Bungee Jumping, Mountain Climbing, Sky Surfing, and Cave Viewing

  1. The Chinhoyi Caves

    – These are ancient caves located in the City of Chinhoyi. In the middle of the Caves is a pool with pure blue water. It is said that no one has ever been able to reach to the bottom of this pool, so it’s not really known how deep it is.


Cave Viewing, Safari Camping

Getting around

Traveling in the country’s major cities is simple. Most travelers use Vaya, a service much similar to Uber, as Uber is not available in the country. Another ride-hailing app is Gtaxi. The major cities, including all tourism destinations, have airports with charter planes and commercial flights available to transport tourists to and from the Sites. There are also tourism agent companies that can organize transportation to help you get around from city to city


For accommodation, you have an option to choose either Airbnb or check in to any of the hotels or lodges. The Rainbow tourism group, the largest hotel operator in the country, operates the country’s best hotels in the tourism destinations. For example, in Victoria Falls, we have the Victoria Falls Hotel, which is a five-star hotel designed to give you the best possible enjoyment and comfort.


If you want to try traditional Zimbabwean Food, then consider paying a visit to the Mama Africa Traditional Restaurant in Victoria Falls. They offer the best traditional African Cuisines in the country. All other hotels and restaurants dotted around the country can offer you any meal of your choosing.

Other things worth Knowing

The country’s basic currency is the United States Dollar; if you have the US dollar on hand, it will be easier to get by. For language, you will be able to get by in the country if you know English as it is the country’s national language, known by almost 80% of the citizens. The country works on a UK standard, which means they use square plugs as compared to rounded plugs as well as driving on the left side of the road.

Night Life

There are many nightclubs in Zimbabwe, which include Sankayi, 263, Envrito, and blue ray in the Victoria Falls, all offering you an unforgettable Night experience.

Itinerary Travel Ideas

Zimbabwe is the best destination for traveling as either a family or Solo. The fees are cheap and an all round trip to all destinations from the South to the North when traveling solo for a week could cost you $1000 approx., for a family of four, you could get by with $2500 approx.


Is there political instability in Zimbabwe?

Majorly No, but , there are some instabilities politically, but they won’t affect or reach most of the major tourist destinations.

What’s the Currency used in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe uses a multi-currency basket with the US$ being the main currency of denomination. You will be able to get by with some United States Dollars on hand.

What are the most reputable travel Agencies?

If you want to have an enjoyable trip, consider going with Showman tours and Hire or Traverse Travel.

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