Bungee-jumping hasalways been a terrifying activity for many people. Just imagine; so many thingscan go wrong while you are jumping off from hundreds of meters and swinging up& down with only a rope wrapped around your legs. So, it’s not easy toconquer that fear.

South Africa hasalways had a good reputation in extreme sports, but the most commercialattraction was bungee-jumping. It is particularly popular, because the countryis home to one of the highest bungee-jumping spots in the world. BloukransBridge in Tsitsikamma region is the highest bungee-jumping bridge and the thirdoverall highest bungee-jumping spot in the world, 216 meters above thesea-level.

Bloukrans Bridge

If you are driving onGarden Route from Cape Town, you will come across Bloukrans Bridge right afterpassing the border between the Western Cape and the Eastern Cape.

The jump itself costs900 Rand, while the photos and videos costed an additional 500 Rand. If youfeel like it’s too much for your budget, don’t worry. There are also walkingtours on the bridge where one would experience everything except for the actualjump, and it’s only for R150!

Bungee Jumpıng

Once you purchase yourticket, you will be given certain time slots to join the tour while buyingtickets at the counter. This is because the place was packed with tourists.When it’s your turn, you will gather at the meeting point and start listeningto the instructions. In the meantime, those who will jump will get dressed up withthe proper gear. The guides will instructions on how to properly jump to avoid hurtingthe neck or the back.

Then, everybody startswalking to the midpoint of the bridge over a mesh grill made of stainlesssteel. This is arguably the scariest part of the whole experience, because youcan actually see everything below while walking: The lush forest and the river216 meters below. The grill flexes as you step on it, making it even scarier. Infact, it is made flexible to avoid snapping under pressure.

Bungee Jumpıng Bloukrans Bridge

The jumping point canbe extremely windy, so they provide blankets for people who are there to justwatch. The views on both sides are stunning, you can even see the Indian Oceanon one side on a sunny day.

Bungee Jumpıng Bloukrans Bridge

When somebody’s turn comesup, the guides prepare them by wrapping ropes and belts around the legs and thewaist. Then, they carry the person to the edge. On the count to three, theyliterally push the person into jumping. You must beware, they almost never waitfor the person to decide when to jump, because a lot of people would havehesitated for a long time otherwise.

After the initial jumpand fall, you will probably swing up and down for 3 minutes until one of theguides climbs down to fetch you. If you feel unsatisfied about it being tooshort, you can repeat the jump as many times as you want on a discounted rate.

Here is a moment of afriend who insisted on jumping completely on his own will on the count tothree.

South Africa’s GardenRoute is a heaven of extreme-sports and bungee-jumping is the tip of theiceberg. There are so many options from rafting to skydiving, from cage divingwith sharks to ziplining. Stay tuned for more articles and blog posts aboutoutdoors activities to do in South Africa.

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