Finding traditionalfood in Cape Town is rather tricky, because Cape Town is so cosmopolite andgentrified that you can’t possibly put it into a category in terms of theAfrican traditions. On the bright side, you get to try different local treatsfrom a wide spectrum. Here are the most acclaimed and recommended restaurantsyou must visit for the sake of your stomach.


Mzoli’s is the ultimate option for having high-quality braai (barbeque) meat, upbeat African music at affordable prices. When it was built in 2003 in the Gugulethu township, it was nothing but a simple butchery. Now, it is very popular amongst both Capetownians and tourists. The variety of meat and the fact that everything is cooked right before your eyes is very mouth-watering. On a side note, the place occasionally hosts famous South African and international DJs.


You don’t have to goas far as Gugulethu to have a real African experience. Mama Africa was founded1 year after the end of apartheid in the city center. Its foundation representsthe democracy and solidarity of people from diverse backgrounds.

The menu has a varietyof steak options including springbok, ostrich, kudu and even crocodile meat!Another remarkable feature of the restaurant is the music performances thataccompany the guests while they enjoy their meals.


The type of food youcan find here is specific to Cape Town (not even South Africa), namely the CapeMalay culture. Cape Malay people were originally brought from places likeMalaysia and Indonesia as slaves during the Dutch settlement in Cape Peninsula.After they were freed, they remained in the area to develop certain skills tomake a living. This was the time when the distinct Cape Malay cuisine emerged.

Biesmiellah is one ofthe oldest restaurants built in Cape Town. Behind the simplistic appearance ofthe building; the menu is extensive, the portions are big and the main coursealways comes with many side dishes. If you are in Cape Town, you should notskip the distinct sweet&sour – sauced Cape Malay food.


Ethiopian cuisine gainedpopularity in Cape Town due to the Ethiopian immigrants. Timbuktu in Observatoryis the most reputable of the Ethiopian restaurants in the city. The place has avery authentic and quaint decoration which make you feel like you are in asophisticated restaurant in Ethiopia. The service is also traditional sincethey don’t even provide cutlery. The place doesn’t serve alcohol, however theydo allow you to bring alcoholic beverages from outside. Another plus of therestaurant is being vegan-friendly, just like many other restaurants inObservatory.


Situated in thegreenest area of Cape Town – Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden – Moyo provides aunique African dining experience with a view. It is actually a restaurant chainthat was first opened in Johannesburg. They have special recipes for the foodfrom all different types of African tribes such as Zulu and Xhosa. Therestaurant is a perfect location for catering events, functions and evenweddings, especially if you are interested in traditional African dance, musicand ceremonies such as face-painting.

Cape Town’s restaurantscene is much wider and more diverse than these five restaurants. More and moreblog posts will come up to introduce the highest quality of South African food.

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